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DUI Lawyer Sandy Springs


Have you been Charged with or arrested for DUI in Sandy Springs Ga?  Hire a Sandy Springs DUI lawyer with the experience to win.


If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, you should talk with an experienced DUI lawyer in Sandy Springs. Talk to a lawyer who knows how todui lawyer in sandy springs defend DUI charges. One who is aware of your rights and will uphold your rights. DUI charges are very serious and trying take on prosecutors for the State without the knowledge of a DUI lawyer who has the experience needed could end up very costly. Do not take risks with your DUI defense, contact an attorney immediately.



DUI lawyer Richard Lawson is a lawyer who knows the Sandy Springs Court system when it comes to DUI. Attorney Richard Lawson has been on both sides of a DUI case. As a former Assistant Solicitor General, Lawson was responsible for prosecuting DUI cases. Now he defends his clients charged with DUI. Richard Lawson is a DUI specialist, taking DUI cases and DUI case ONLY.  Focusing on DUI defense only and being a former DUI Prosecutor makes him uniquely qualified to look at your case and find the problems with the State’s evidence and case.


Experience is the Difference

sandy springs dui lawyer


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